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French Affair

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\"I\'ve always dreamed about making that particular kind of music which combines my French roots with an international sound that makes people dance\", says Barbara Alcindor, the singer of French Affair.

Born in 1974 in Paris, France, Barbara Alcindor grew up in a multi-cultural home. She left her home in the Parisian suburb of Orly at the age of sixteen and moved to the legendary part of Paris called Montmartre. Because of her mother\'s influence -- a professional dancer who won several dance competitions in Paris, London and New York -- Barbara was exposed to the music

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of artists such as The Supremes, Shalamar, Stevie Wonder and Anita Ward from very early on in her life. But Barbara was also fascinated by the disco music of the early 1980s. And so it is only understandable that she very quickly knew what she wanted to become: a singer.
But first there was another fascinating world which opened its doors for Barbara after she finished school: the world of Paris fashion. Barbara worked for several fashion designers, and soon, her first jobs as a model were to follow. But she never forgot what she really wanted. So Barbara kept going to concerts, continued to train her voice, and some time later celebrated first success as a background singer for \"Soulie B\", \"Assasins\" and \"MC Solar\".

At the age of twenty, Barbara decided to move to London, where she met many artists from the English music scene, for example, Prodigy, Gang Starr and others. She started recording her own demo tapes, continued to work as a model for fashion magazines and \"in\" magazines, and in the little spare time that was left, she learned the art of karate. Karate mirrors Barbara\'s belief that one can only reach something in life if one acts according to the motto \"all or nothing\".

In the summer of 1999, this attitude was finally rewarded, when Barbara met the Dreyer brothers in a London club. The Dreyer brothers had been responsible for the chart success of artists such as \"Black Attack\" and \"Zweety\". They were so fascinated by Barbara\'s voice and her French charm that they decided to invite her to their studios.

The first result of their promising cooperation is the track My Heart Goes Boom (LaDiDaDa), a song which brings out the specific trademark of the French artist to the fullest: a sensual and erotic voice, presented with a haunting tune, which you will become addicted to immediately upon listening to it for the first time.

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