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Need a french label ?

létrehozva: 2005. 09. 12.


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Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 17:26
Dear topic owner ,

here will you find a lot of hungarian (means "magyar", Hungary is Magyarország, ország = country) http://www.punkportal.hu/links.php example: http://paso.hu/ (the best hungarian ska band), http://www.bridgetosolace.com/ (hungarian hardcore), Red Line Offside http://rlo.ini.hu/ hungarian punkrock, Idoru, the http://www.theidoru.com/ and the others

I would be glad, if i helped you
Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 16:59
thanks a lot !
I will go there, and contact the person in charge of the website.. If it's not you, please contact me at the previous e-mail address... Good luck to all of you whith your band formations !
Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 14:31
Hi M. H. !

If I understood well, you want to popularize the hungarian music in France. I have a motion about this topic, I advise these bands: Egészséges Fejbőr (http://WWW.FEJBOR.TK), Titkolt Ellenállás (http://www.titkolt.hu), Magozott Cseresznye (http://www.magicseri.hu) and the site named http://www.nemnemsoha.hu, it has a music section, you will find, what you search!

O. A.
Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 14:24
Okay, I know, you're right, I have expressed my rue, I was in a bad condition while I have written this post. Sorry twice.
Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 14:23
You mustn't have to be answer in a vulgar style. He asked kindly, it's no need to relegate anyone.
Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 14:14
Sorry, I have replied incorrectly, I have misunderstood your writing. Good luck to your advertisement.

Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 13:38
I don't need a french label, because I have created one. I just want to help some musicians to be present in France, on a french website, where they will be able to present themselves. It's free, I don't wanna advertise for a stupid commercial thing...
Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 13:07

I have already read your advertisement, and I would like to tell you that, you're a dumb fuck. If you need a label or something, go to a french site, and advertise there, and not here, because the whole people there are gipsy or some kind of dumbassed asshole.
Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 10:11
ne írjatok má ilyen izéül me nem értem
Vendég 2005. 09. 16. 9:09
what kind of music are you looking for ?
Vendég 2005. 09. 13. 9:06
so, nobody interested in ?
Vendég 2005. 09. 12. 13:12
Hi !
I'm the creator of a french label, willing to promote and distribute music from all over the world, and particulary east-europe & hungary... Would your group be intersted in such a presence in France ? Please contact me at for further informations ( french, german, english or spanish please... )
M. H.

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