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Polish fan needs help with hungarian music ;) Thx

létrehozva: 2005. 10. 21.


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Vendég 2005. 10. 24. 18:11
Hi polish friend,

i recommend you balkan fanatik (a new electro ethno project from hungary)! they combine modern electronic sounds with eastern european music+some haunting folk singing+even english rap, so its very interesting...they even got an invitation to play in poland so you might see them in your area soon...
a modern music lover:)
Vendég 2005. 10. 24. 14:15
Greetings, Laszlo Benko's solo albums are very rare, they are only available in second-hand recordshops, only in Hungary.
Vendég 2005. 10. 23. 19:21
polak wegier dwa bratanki, i do szbla i do szklanki ;)
Vendég 2005. 10. 21. 14:35

I am trying to examine great hungarian music, now I know some 60'-80's rock and recent etno jazz ( Mihaly Dresh )
I have problem:
Because I like Omega keyman, Laslo Benko, I wanted to buy one of his solo album. But the question is which one? On the internet I couldn't find ANY piece of information about Laslo Benko SOLO productions. So can you give me any information, please?
Is it good electronic music, do you like it or not? Does it reminds Omega? Which his instrumental album are you going to recommend?

THANKS for ANY reply, greetings from Poland to all of you ;)

Fórum » STYLEFÓRUMZ :) » Dance, Pop